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Anesthesia Error Attorney: Seeking Justice for Medical Negligence Cases

When you visit a hospital or surgical center, you expect to receive the best possible medical care. Unfortunately, errors can occur at hospitals throughout the country and lead to serious injuries and adverse outcomes for patients. If you are injured by a medical error, contact a Anesthesia Error Attorney Seattle to discuss your options.

Medical malpractice refers to a physician or other health care professional’s failure to follow acceptable, medically proven procedures that would minimize the risk of injury to a patient. The standard of care applies to all medical professionals regardless of their education, training and experience.

Anesthesia errors are some of the most devastating medical mistakes because they can result in coma, permanent injuries and wrongful death. A patient is most vulnerable to anesthesia complications during surgery, but even non-surgical procedures can have deadly consequences if anesthesia is administered incorrectly.

Errors during the administration of anesthesia may occur at the hands of an anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist or the hospital or surgical center where the procedure is being performed. Identifying the responsible party in an anesthesia malpractice case requires a thorough review of medical records.

Anesthesia error cases can be complex and require an attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of medical procedures and who has the resources to create an indisputable case for the victim’s claim. The Seattle medical malpractice attorneys at Miracle Pruzan & Pruzan have the necessary experience to navigate the healthcare, legal and insurance systems. They have earned countless multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for victims of anesthesia error, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims.

Can I file a lawsuit after signing a waiver or release form?
Medical malpractice can occur even if you sign a waiver or release form. The exception is if the medical practitioner’s negligence rises to the level of malpractice and another doctor with similar qualifications would not have committed such an error under the circumstances. In such a situation, you can still file a medical malpractice claim to recover economic and non-economic damages.

An anesthesia error lawyer can help you pursue damages for your physical and emotional losses. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could be entitled to compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, future earnings and diminished quality of life. In addition to compensation for your financial losses, you could be awarded non-economic damages for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, disfigurement and emotional distress.

The Thoeny Law Office represents claimants who have suffered injuries or wrongful deaths due to medical malpractice incidents in the Seattle area. Led by Ann Theory, the firm seeks damages from physicians and other healthcare practitioners whose actions fall below the standards of due diligence required in their professions. The team works with expert witnesses to establish a party’s liability and quantify demands for compensatory damages. The firm also assists clients with personal injury claims involving car accidents and other traumatic events. The office serves residents of Seattle and the surrounding metro areas.

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