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Top Rated Windshield Replacement Companies

When you’re driving on the highway and a rock or other debris flies up off of a tractor trailer, chances are that it will crack your windshield. While you may be tempted to ignore the damage, it’s important that you get your windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This isn’t just for appearances; a cracked windshield can cause serious glare problems while you drive, and it could even prevent you from seeing the road. The good news is that if you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage, you shouldn’t have to pay for the repair. If you’re in need of a new windshield, here are some top-rated companies to consider.

Windshield Replacement Companies

Most states require that drivers add comprehensive car insurance to their policies, which covers damage such as a broken windshield. When you need a new windshield, these companies can work directly with your insurer to cover the cost of a replacement or repair. Some of them also offer mobile services, allowing you to have your windshield fixed at your home or workplace, making the process convenient and stress-free. These companies are all vetted by myWindshield and are listed with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

Safelite is a national company oakland windshield replacement companies that has been in business for over a decade and provides both replacement and repair services to customers nationwide. Its website offers a simple form where you can enter your vehicle’s year, make, model and windshield type to receive a quote for repairs or a replacement. You can also submit a photo of the damaged area to get a more accurate quote. Once you schedule an appointment, a technician will be sent to your location to repair or replace the glass. If you have comprehensive insurance, your claim will be processed by the company and you won’t have to pay a deductible.

Aside from providing a fast, convenient and affordable service, Safelite recycles old windshields to keep them out of landfills. They use the glass to make fiberglass insulation and carpet backing, which is more environmentally friendly than just throwing the material away. This is something that most automotive glass companies don’t do, so it’s a good thing to consider when choosing an automotive glass repair company.

The windshield is a structural component of your vehicle, so you want to make sure that it’s installed properly. While you can buy a new windshield from a dealership, it’s usually cheaper to go with a repair or replacement shop that specializes in automobile glass. Whether you’re going with the dealership or an independent shop, you should make sure to choose OEM glass, which is the same type of glass that came with your vehicle on the assembly line.

Aside from being more expensive, some aftermarket windshields have issues that can be problematic for you and your passengers. These include optical distortion, which can obscure the view of the dashboard gauges and steering wheel from a passenger seat. This can be dangerous and distracting while you’re driving, so you should avoid these cheap options.

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